Guide to buy Indian Mixers & Wet Grinders

Which is the best mixer grinder in India?

This website is a guide to buy the best mixer grinder in India to use. We provide important information on how to choose a mixer grinder like how many watts mixer grinder is good and explains the difference between 550w and 750w mixer grinder. Also included are useful tips on how to use Mixer Grinders and Wet Grinders and how to mixer grinder repair in case you face problems like stuck or jammed Jar or what to do when mixer grinder overload switch not working, etc . Many other useful info like the health benefits of Urad Dal, how best to make and ferment idli dosa batter especially in cold climates, etc. are included. So please make full use of this website. Thank you.

manual grinding of idli dosa batter
Idli Dosa manual grinding

This website also has a lot of information and tips on how to choose table top wet grinders. We also have a bit of the history of wet grinders in India. The picture here shows how idli dosa maavu or dough used to be made traditionally in an ‘Aattukallu’. The ‘Aattukallu’ is a stone grinder used in India for over a 1000 years till the electric mixies and wet grinders became popular in India in the late 1970s. Most of us still have fond memories of those days when idli and dosa maavu was made this way and still can remember those tasty idlis and dosas. We are blessed that we do not have to carry those heavy stone grinders around now to have our daily idli dosa! The compact electric mixies and wet grinders are a God send blessing, even though in our imagination we may still think that the idlis and dosas made in a traditional stone grinder is better tasting.

Me, the author and publisher of this website, may have played a small part in the invention of the electric wet grinder or rather say, the evolution of the manual stone dosa maavu grinder to the electric table top wet grinder of today. See the page History of Electric Wet Grinders. I consider myself an expert on Mixer Grinders, Wet Grinders and the art of making idli dosa batter. To know more about me, the author and publisher of this website, you are welcome to view my profile on the About Me Page of this website

There are so many Mixer Grinder brands in India that it becomes difficult to decide on which brand of mixer grinder to buy and how to choose a mixer grinder model. We guide you on how to choose best mixer grinder which is most suitable for your use. We have a page where we have selected, what we feel are the best Mixer Grinders to buy in India, and we explain why we think the selected mixer grinders are the best in India.

How to select the best wet grinder in India is also included in our website. If you need to make idli dosa maavu almost daily, then it will be a wise decision to invest in a wet grinder, even though you already have a mixer grinder. With a wet grinder the process of making idli batter is much easier, because you just put the idli ingredients in the wet grinder add the required water, press the auto timer and start. Not all wet grinders have auto timers, those which have them can be of two types. One which gives a loud alarm and you have to off the machine manually or ones with auto switch off facility. There is no need to wait around the wet grinder once the grinding process starts, because Table top Wet Grinder is a slow running machine and is very reliable. Once the idli grinding is over, the machine stops automatically or you have to off it manually. The process of fermentation of the idli maavu starts within the large vessel of the wet grinder once the idly ingredients have become a paste. Since the idli paste is warm from the process of grinding, fermentation becomes fast. You can transfer the idli paste to a fermentation vessel at your convenience. Wet grinders are available in India in different styles and sizes as discussed on our page about wet grinders.

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Most people, before buying a Mixie Mixer Grinder or wet grinder, will do some research online. This website is for such people who want to know everything about mixer grinders and wet grinders before buying it. Full info, like specifications, features, reviews and best online price are provided.

What is a Mixer Grinder?

A Mixer Grinder is a device with an electric motor base on which a glass or steel jar with stainless steel blades are mounted. Ingredients like urad dal and rice for idli dosa or masala are put in the jar with or without water and the lid closed. The motor is then switched on to make the blades of the jar to run at high speed. This pulverises or grinds the contents of the jar into a fine powder in case of dry grinding or into a fine paste, if water was added. Mixer Grinders are used to make idli dosa maavu or batter, chutneys, masala paste, coconut milk, etc.

A Mixer Grinder in India is called by several names like Mixie or Mixie Grinder, Mixers, Indian Blender and so on. The Indian Blender Mixer Grinders are the most advanced and best blender in the world because they are designed to do the rough and tough grinding jobs required for Indian cooking recipes like Dosa, Idli, Vada, Chutney, etc. They are also made tough to withstand the frequent voltage fluctuation and electric outages in India. The latest model Mixer Grinders have new attachments like juicers, slicers, coconut graters and coconut milk extractors.

What is a Wet Grinder?

Wet Grinders are a unique Indian product used for making idli dosa paste or batter or Maavu as it is known in South India. In a wet grinder the grinding is done by slow turning stone rollers inside a vessel with a stone base. The vessel is rotated at slow speeds by an electric motor. Ingredients like urad dal and rice which have been soaked in water are placed inside the rotating vessel and the motor switched on. When the vessel rotates the stone rollers inside the vessel runs over the ingredients slowly reducing it into a very fine paste known as idli dosa maavu or batter. The wet grinder takes anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour to make fine idli dosa paste.

What is the difference between Mixer Grinder and Wet Grinder?

The difference between mixer grinder and wet grinder is in the way the contents are ground. In a mixer grinder small stainless steel blades rotate at high speed to pulverize the food items in the jar, which is usually made of glass or Stainless Steel. Mixer Grinders are quicker than the wet grinder to make small quantities of idli dosa maavu. Making dosa idli maavu or batter in a mixer grinder requires some skill and you need to be next to the mixer grinder to keep a constant watch over it.

In a wet grinder the grinding is done by slow turning stone rollers over a stone base. This is a much slower process and takes about half an hour. But you get a finer dosa idli paste maavu or batter with wet grinder. The wet grinder needs no attention while the grinding is going on. Now many wet grinders come with automatic timers to switch off the wet grinder after a certain time.

In a mixer grinder the high speed stainless steel blades have a direct connection between the motor and the blades. Whereas in most wet grinder the large wet grinder jar is slowly rotated with a belt drive. The mounting frame of the stone rollers stay fixed while the stones themselves rotate on the base due to relative motion.

Which brand Mixer Grinder is best in India?

There are many Mixer Grinder brands in India and there are differing opinions about the best Mixie in India. Now a days manufacturing technologies have advanced so much, that the quality of the leading brands of kitchen grinders are all equally good and very reliable. So deciding on which is the best brand of mixer grinder or wet grinder for you should be based on the price and the availability of service and spare parts near you. We have a page where we have selected, what we feel are the best Mixer Grinders to buy in India, and we explain why we think the selected mixer grinders are the best in India.

What are the best brands of Mixer Grinders in India?

Below is a list of the most popular brands of Mixer Grinders in India in Alphabetical Order. We have separate pages for these best Mixer grinder brands in India. Click on the brand name of the Mixer Grinder to take you to the dedicated page of that mixer grinder.

Wet Grinders in India

Benefits of using an Indian table top wet grinder, how table top Wet Grinders work, tips on how to use Indian wet grinders, etc. are all included in our website. Here is a summary of some of the pages here about wet grinders: Please visit our dedicated page on the Best model Indian wet grinders and How to select the right table top Wet Grinder. For our lucky friends who are in America, who still want to enjoy Dosas and idlis in USA we have a dedicated page on the Best 110V Mixer Grinders and wet grinders available in USA.

Best way to buy Indian Mixer Grinder in India, Australia, Canada, UK or USA

Please find below links to the Amazon online store in your country. Amazon is usually your best place to buy Indian Mixer Grinders because not only are they very competitively priced but you also have the assurance of service, and in the worst case, even return for a refund in case you are not satisfied.

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