FAQ Mixer Grinders & Wet Grinders with Answers

Frequently Asked Questions about Mixer Grinders and Wet Grinders answered

Here we list some the most commonly asked questions about mixer grinders and wet grinders. This page should clear the doubts many have about mixer grinders.

Which brand is best for mixer grinder?

The best brands of mixer grinders in India, in our opinion, are the following (in alphabetical order): Bajaj, Butterfly, Panasonic, Philips, Preethi, Prestige, Ultra. The mixer grinders from these brands are all good. All of them have good service backup. For more info please visit our page on the Best Brand Mixer Grinders in India.

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Best selling Preethi wet grinder features and price

Top best Preethi wet grinder models with price specs and review

Here are the best models of wet grinders made by Preethi in India. Preethi Appliances Co. is now a part of the multinational Philips Group and thus there can be no doubts about the quality of their products nor about their service backup. Prrethy is already well know in the market as reliable products with a wide network of after sales service centers.

Here are some of the best selling Preethi Mixers

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Best selling Butterfly wet grinder models with price

Top best models of Butterfly wet grinders with price

Butterfly Wet Grinders are made by Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Ltd. India and they have been making home appliances for the last more than 40 years. Their products are well respected and popular in India. Butterfly has the distinction of making the first fully stainless steel pressure cookers in India. Butterfly invented the 3 conical grinding wheel table top wet grinder and makes some of the best Indian wet grinders. See some of their best selling table top wet grinder models below.

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