Compare best mixer grinders Preethi Vs Panasonic Vs Philips

Best rated Mixer Grinders in India compared with each other

To compare the best Mixer Grinders available in India, we have below a table with the specifications and features of the best available Mixer Grinders in India from leading Mixer Grinder manufacturers of India Preethi, Philips and Panasonic. Top of the line mixer grinders from these best brands in India are compared side by side in a table.

We have selected to compare Preethi model Zodiac which is the best model in Preethi mixer grinder. Similarly for Panasonic their last best model mixer grinder MX-AC555 and from Philips best mixer grinder model HL1645 are selected for comparison. This allows you to directly compare Panasonic mixer with Preethi or Preethi vs Philips mixer grinder or Preethi Zodiac vs Panasonic mixer MX-AC555.

These are all very good mixer grinders with high rating, two of these powerful Indian Mixer Grinder models have 750 Watts motor power which is equivalent to 1 HP (Horse Power). The Panasonic mixer grinder is only 550 Watts, but still performs good. These are all some of the most powerful Mixer Grinders in India. Performance wise all are almost equal, there is nothing great in respect to their performance to set them apart. The trick is to know how to do the grinding in these machines in an effective way. Our ‘Mixie Tips’ page has some very useful tips on using Indian blender Mixies.

What is the importance of watts in mixer grinder

The wattage of mixer grinder is very important for the performance of mixer grinders but that does not mean the highest wattage mixer grinder is the best. Wattage in mixer grinder means the power of the motor in watts. Watts and Horse Power both refer to the power generated by a machine. 746 Watts power is equal to 1 Horse Power (HP). 1 HP or 750 Watts in a mixer grinder means it has a very powerful motor. The blades of the mixer grinder should be able to use all this power. Most of the time when doing ordinary mixing, the mixer grinder does not use all the power. It is only when grinding thick pastes, like idli dosa batter, that the full power of the mixer grinder is utilised. So for most of the work in the kitchen a 500w vs 750w mixer grinder makes no difference. But when making idli dosa batter the difference between 550 watts and 750 watts mixer grinder becomes obvious. The 750 Watt mixer grinder will do the idli dosa mixing much faster than a 550 Watt mixer grinder.

Top 3 mixer grinder in India compared with each other

The following table compares the best model mixer grinder from Preethi, Panasonic and Philips side by side.

Best Mixer Grinders in India compared – Preethi Vs Panasonic Vs Philips
ModelZion, new Zodiac MG-227MX-AC555HL-1645
Speed Setting3 + Pulse3 + Pulse3 + Pulse
Power750 W555W750 W
See VideoPreethi Zodiac demoPanasonic AC555 mixer demoPhilips silent mixer demo
Jars 2.1L slicing+Kneading + 3 SS jars4 Stainless Steel jars + juicer extractor3 Stainless Steel jars + juicer extractor
Motor Power750 Watts550 Watts750 Watts
India PriceRs.8,549-? Link to check online priceRs.5,666-? Link to latest online priceRs.4,475-? Link to check online price
USA Price$492.00? Link to check online price$399.99? Link to latest online price$—? Link to check online price

How to choose best Indian Mixer Grinder

To choose the best Indian mixer grinder for you should depend on price and availability of a service center nearby for the brand of Mixie you plan to buy. You should not choose a Mixer Grinder that has no service facility locally. All Indian Mixer Grinders need spare parts like rubber gaskets. The bush or mixer grinder motor coupler which couples the Indian mixer grinder jars to the mixer grinder motor, does tend to get problems on a regular basis. Replacement of the coupler in a mixer grinder can only be done in the Mixer Grinder service centre near you.

Best Indian Mixer Grinder to take abroad

Indian cooking requires regular grinding of spices, pulses, rice, etc. and the Indian Mixer Grinder is best suited for Indian cooking. Thus it is no wonder that Mixer Grinders from India are in great demand in foreign countries where there are many Indian families.

The best Mixer Grinders from India to take abroad depends on the Voltage and Frequency of the electricity in the country you want to take an Indian Mixer Grinder to. UK, Australia and most of the former colonies of Britain and now part of the Commonwealth countries have the same Electric Voltage and Frequency like in India. So any Mixer Grinder available in India will work in UK, Australia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth countries.

USA has a different voltage and frequency which is 110 Volts and 60Hz frequency. So you need to have special Indian Mixer Grinders made to work in USA. This type of 110V Indian Mixer Grinder is available in India, and it can be carried from India to USA with the checked in baggage. are very popular with the Indian families who have settled in the USA. The best place to find 110V Indian Mixer Grinders for USA in India is from an online shop like

To buy 110 Volts Wet Grinders and Mixies in USA, this is the link to the website for 110V Indian Kitchen Machines.

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