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History of the Electric Wet Grinders in India

Many of the younger generation may not know how idli dosa batter was made before the advent of the electric wet grinders. The video below shows how idli dosa maavu or batter was made in India for over a 1000 years till the electric wet grinder was invented.

Video: How idli dosa batter made in traditional stone grinder

Me, the author of this website, may have been part of the team that made the first electric wet grinder, as explained below.

I was part of the team that made, may be the very first electric idli/dosa wet grinder. In 1965, while studying for my Mechanical Engineering Degree in REC (Regional Engineering College, now NIT – National Institute of Technology), we put the big stone idli-dosa grinder used in our hostel mess (or canteen) on a wooden platform, which in turn was mounted on an old scrapped car wheel rim with ball bearings. The car wheel rim was driven with a canvas belt and an electric motor. On top of the big stone base, the smaller grinding stone was placed inside a ring fixed on a cantilever beam and could rotate freely on its vertical, slightly slanted axis. The smaller grinding stone was positioned slightly slanting in the hole of the base grinding stone which was rotated by the electric motor.

After several trial and error runs we finally had this machine running and our mess (canteen) idlis were made with this contraption for some time. It is believed that one of our Tamilian students took this idea to Coimbatore and started to make similar machines there.

I personally believe, this led to the evolution of the modern day table top wet grinder.

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