Best mixer grinder for home use in India

Guide to buy best Indian Mixer Grinder, Blender or Mixie

The important factors to consider before buying a mixie are as follows: You must first decide on what you want a blender or mixer grinder for. Is it to grind daily masalas for the curries by powdering dry spices, or to grind coconut to make chutneys, or to grind rice urad dal mixture for idly dosa maavu or batter, or do you need a kitchen machine to mix the flour to a dough and make chapattis, or do you want to make fruit juices, or to extract coconut milk, or do you have to slice a lot of onions daily and you just can’t have those tears in your eyes. The answers to the above questions are explained in detail on this page

The very first decision in your Mixie buying process is to decide what exactly you want a Mixie for. Most of the time you need a kitchen machine to do almost all of the above jobs. There may be a single kitchen machine which will do all of the jobs you want, but in many cases, it is better to buy two separate specialised kitchen machines.

Different kinds of Mixies in India

There are many kinds of the electric kitchen grinder machines like Blenders, Mixies, Mixer Grinder, table top wet grinder, juicer, food processor, small coffee grinders for powdering, etc. Most of our Indian cooking work like powdering spices, grating coconut, grinding idli dosa maavu or batter, blending buttermilk, etc. can easily be done with a 3 jar Mixie or mixer grinder. Most of the juicing work can also be done with a normal 3 jar mixie, like making mango or pineapple juice or for even coconut milk, the coconut can be mixed in the biggest jar with water and then sieved to get coconut milk. It is not essential to have a coconut juice extractor jar.

If you need to do slicing work, then you have to go for a food processor. A food processor does things like slicing, atta chapatti dough making and kneading, some mixer grinder jobs, etc. Food processors generally do not come with motors of over 400 watts and are not as powerful as the regular mixer grinder. Slicing is best done at slower speeds. Most of the food processors are belt driven, with a small pulley on the motor and a larger pulley on the food processor blade. Thus the food processor blade moves at a much slower speed, roughly about one tenth the speed of the motor. This means that the regular mixie blade runs about 10 times faster than a food processor.

So on a food processor the slicing and chapatti atta dough kneading is much more efficient because it is done at the correct slower speeds. The latest Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum model has a slicer attachment. You really need to get a second opinion on how good it is. If you do have a lot of slicing work, there are many small, cheap food processors that do the slicing work efficiently. May be it will be better to buy this instead of spending all the money on a fancy mixie which promises to do everything.

What is the Mixie Mixer Grinder price

Do research and find out the prices of the various mixies available. Do online research as well as visit a few shops and get the prices. Don’t be in a hurry to buy the mixie. Do your research and then decide on the best mixie to buy which comes within your budget.

Mixie Mixer Grinder Power and Speed

Mixie power of 400 watts is more than sufficient for most of the jobs for mixies in an Indian Kitchen. One Horse Power is equal to 746 watts or 1 HP=746W. So if the type of motor used in mixer grinder is 750 watts, it means that it is a one horse power Mixie. If the type of motor used in mixer grinder is 400 watts, then it is a half Horse Power Mixer Grinder. A more powerful mixie is required for tough jobs of grinding idli dosa batter for example. With a 750 watt motor you can mixie grind more in a jar and it will save time when you are a large family and need to make a lot of idli dosa batter.

The speed of Mixies is actually not that important while selecting an Indian Mixies. Most of the Indian Mixies have speeds varying between 5,000 to 20,000 RPM or Revolutions Per Minute, which means how many times the mixie blade rotates in a minute or 60 seconds. Too much Mixie speed is not good and causes problems like cavitation when blending liquids or when trying to grind spices the spice starts floating inside the mixie jar and the spice does not get powdered, because it does not come in contact with the mixie blades.

Mixie Mixer Grinder speed control switch

The Mixie speed control is an important factor. You should be able to get slow speeds at slow setting. The most ideal speed control would be to have infinite speed control that is, you can set the mixie speed to any speed from zero to the maximum speed of the mixie. As mentioned previously too much Mixie speed causes problems like cavitation in liquids and does not powder spices well.

Mixie Mixer Grinder Safety

Small details like the foot of the mixie, that is the part of the mixie in contact with the kitchen table, should not slip easily. This is to prevent the mixie moving around when the mixie is working, especially when there are unbalanced loads in the mixie. The best option is to have vacuum footing cups which sucks into the kitchen table and will hold tight on to the kitchen table.

A thermal cut-off safety switch to stop the mixie in case of overload is good to have, because it prevents major problems like the mixie motor burning.

Other safety features like the Mixie will only start when the lid is closed is meant to prevent accidently starting the mixie with the lid open. Prevent problems like the contents of the mixie jar spilling all over the kitchen or as a safety precaution to prevent the mixie blades to rotate while your hands are still in the mixie

What comes with the Mixie Mixer Grinder, How many Jars

Check out what are the items you get with the mixie. For a minimum there should be two jars, one at least one litre capacity and the other less than half litre capacity for masala grinding, chutney grinding, etc.

Mixie Mixer Grinder Reviews

Before deciding on the mixie to buy do some online research to see what people are saying about mixies. Do not base your judgement on just one or two bad reviews or good reviews. Try to go to many blog sites and forums and get a feel of what people are saying – about Mixie Brands, Mixie Models, Mixie Service, etc. and then form a judgement of the Mixie you want to buy

Which Brand Mixie Mixer Grinder to buy

The most important criteria to select the brand of Mixie to buy is to make sure that there is a service centre of the Mixie Brand close to you, where you can take the mixie whenever you have any problems. Once you are sure of the availability of the Mixie service and spare parts, then decide on the Mixie brand to buy based on your online research and your budget.

Your best source to buy Indian Mixer Grinder in India, Canada, UK or USA

Please find below links to the Amazon online store in your country. Amazon is usually your best place to buy Indian Mixer Grinders because not only are they very competitively priced but you also have the assurance of service, and in the worst case, even return for a refund in case you are not satisfied.

India Links to buy online Mixer Grinder and compact Table Top Wet Grinders

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