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How to use Mixer Grinder Tips, how to repair jammed mixer jar

The best way to use mixer grinder is by following some simple rules like not to over fill the mixer grinder jars, avoid trying to mix or grind hot food and not run the mixer grinder continuously for more than 5 minutes at a time. There are many other tips on how to use a mixer grinder below on this page.

How to take care of mixer grinder, Best way to clean mixer grinder

One of the important tips on how to take care of a mixer grinder is to put some plain water in the mixer grinder jar and run it on the mixer motor whenever you finish a mixer grinding job and throw this water away. This will prevent the acidity in the foods being ground from seeping into the mixer blades and causing it to get stuck. Then keep the mixer jar upside down for a few minutes to drain all the water in the mixer grinder jar and then keep the mixer jar on its base and the jar uncovered, to dry the inside of the jar completely.

To clean the body of the mixer motor, the first thing to do is to pull out the electrical plug of the mixer motor. Then use a damp cloth to wipe the mixe motor base and then wipe with a dry cloth.

Never ever spray cleaning solutions on the mixer motor base, because these strong detergent based cleaning liquids could seep into the electrical switch of the mixer motor and cause electrical short. Also it is better not to use detergents like Vim liquid or others to clean the body of the mixer motor, only plain water.

Mixer Grinder overload protector, why Mixer Grinder stopped working suddenly?

Sometimes the mixer grinder stops working suddenly when doing tough grinding jobs, this is because mixer motor gets too hot and mixer grinder safety switch cuts off the power supply to the mixer motor.

When this happens, the first thing to do is make sure that the power cord of the mixer is pulled out of its plug socket, then you have to turn the mixie motor upside down and press the red overload safety switch under the mixer grinder motor. Most of the time you have to wait a few minutes for the motor to cool down before the thermal safety switch will switch on. Once the mixer grinder cools a bit, the safety switch can be pressed and you can feel a click as the safety switch comes on. If you need to use the mixer grinder again immediatly, then it is a good idea to run the mixie without any load for about 30 seconds to cool the mixer grinder motor, by allowing the cooling fans to run at full speed.

Overload conditions of a mixer grinder happens when you try to do the mixing job quickly by putting too much material in the mixer grinder jar or the material is too thick for the mixie to handle or may be, the speed of the mixer grinder is too high. Try to overcome these problems by reducing the amount of material in the jar by half and doing the grinding two times. If the material was too thick, then add some water, if your recipe allows for a thinner mixture.

Mixer blade stuck not working

Jammed stuck mixie mixer grinder blade is a common problem and it happens when the seal in the bearing of the blender mixer blades leaks and salty water from the food from seeps into the bearing of the mixie blades causing it to corrode and get jammed. The mixer will stop working under these conditions. The best solution is to take it to the nearest service center of the Mixer Grinder to clean the bearings, which they may do free or replace the complete blade with new bearings. You can try some emergency repair procedures on the mixer grinder before taking the trouble of visiting the mixer grinder service center as explained below.

For emergency repairs keep the mixie mixer grinder jar upside down and pour some cooking oil into the space where the motor coupler is. Pour just enough oil to keep the level of oil to below the rubber or plastic motor coupler. Leave aside for a few minutes and then twist the rubber or plastic motor coupler with the help of a plier or similar hand tools. The first few turns will be very tight, but once it starts turning a few times it will loosen up. While doing this the jar should be upside down with a little oil under the rubber plastic motor coupling to lubricate the mixie mixer grinder jar blades.

Once the jar blade moves freely, you can put it on the Motor base and run it empty for a few seconds at a time, till the mixer jar blade runs freely. You can use penetrating lubricants like WD40 instead of cooking oil and it will work faster. After the mixie jar has loosened you must first mix some water alone and throw it off. This is to clean the jar.

To prevent Mixer jar blades from getting stuck, it is a good practice to put some fresh water in the jar and run it for a few seconds and throw away this water. Try your best not to wet the outside bottom of the mixer grinder jar where the mixer coupler is. Keep the blender jar upside down to allow water to drain away from the bearings.

When you have finished doing your grinding jobs for the day, the best way to clean the insides of the Mixie jar is to pour about a cupful of clean water from your water purifier into the mixer jar and then put it on the mixer motor and run it for about 10 seconds. This will make the insides of the mixer jar easier to clean. It is always a good practice to clean mixer jars immediately on finishing any grinding jobs. When cleaning the outside of the mixer jar make sure that you do not let water come in contact with the mixer jar motor coupling at the base of the mixer jar. Always twist the rubber coupler at the bottom of the jar to make sure it turns freely.

How to remove stuck mixer jar from mixer motor base

Sometimes the mixer jar gets stuck to base and becomes very difficult to remove stuck mixer jar from mixer motor base. The common cause of this problem is when the mixer is put into the base slightly slanted and the jar is not perfectly aligned with the base. When you do some grinding in the mixer, this misalignment tightens and it becomes very difficult to remove the mixer jar stuck to base motor unit.

The best way to remove jar stuck in mixer grinder is to first unplug the electrical plug from the socket and to lift the whole assembly, jar plus motor base and emptying the contents in the mixer jar. Now lay the mixer with the jar sideways on the kitchen counter and holding the motor base with left hand, press down the jar handle with the right hand. This way you can apply maximum force in the anti-clockwise direction to separate the mixer jar from the motor base. In most cases this works, but if it does not, then you will need a stronger person to try. In a desperate situation, some lubrication like WD-40 or just plain vegatable oil can be applied between the jar and motor base while standing the mixer assembly upright for sometime before trying to open may work. Brute force is what is required in such a situation.

Allow Air in the Mixer Grinder Jar to Escape

When you close the lid of a mixie jar, the air inside of the jar gets compressed. When you start the mixer grinder this air gets even more compressed. If the contents in the mixer jar is hot, then it is even worse. Thus there is always the tendency for the lid to blow out or gets open and the contents of the jar may get splashed all over your kitchen to make a real mess and for you a major cleaning job.

To avoid this, normally the mixer jar lid has a small air vent, make sure that it is not blocked. Do not start the mixer grinder immediately on closing, but wait about 5 seconds to give the compressed air a chance to escape.

Normally there is a small cap at the top of the jar lid cover. When you are starting the mixie, remove this cap and hold it loosely over the cap opening so that the contents will not spill over, but will allow the air which gets pressurised when you start the mixie, to escape. This will avoid the mess of a jar blow out.

How to use Indian Mixer Grinder in USA 110 Volts 60Hz.

For an Indian Mixer grinder to work in USA 110 volts will require a step-up transformer to convert the US 110volts current to Indian 220-240 volts. Since the more powerful mixer grinders in India are the 750 Watts type, like the Preethi Blue leaf range, it is better to get a step up transformer with a slightly higher rating, say a minimum of 1000 watts range like this 110V to 220V, capacity 1000 Watts, step-up (or down) transformer from for about $51 or this cheaper model 750 watts step-up transformer, 110 Volts to 220 Volts, from Amazon for about $39-.

The Electric Frequency in the US is 60 Hz or Cycles per second instead of the 50Hz in India. So the Indian mixer grinder in USA will run at a higher speed. The Indian mixer grinders are designed for rough and tough working conditions in India and not to fail in the frequent Voltage Fluctuations in India. To compensate for this 20% increase in speed when Indian Mixer and grinders work in USA, make sure you do not run this Indian Electrical 220V 50Hz appliances at full speed in the USA with 60 cycle electricity. Indian Electrical appliances are built sturdy for withstand unreliable Indian electric voltages and will not easily get damaged in USA, especially since all top of the range Indian Mixer and grinders have built-in overload protection.

Best way to buy Indian Mixer Grinder in India, Australia, Canada, UK or USA

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