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Food Processor Preethi Zodiac compared with Preethi Titanium

The latest model of Preethi Zodiac-2 Model MG-235 is out and we have a seperate page on the Zodiac-2 MG235 model. The following page is about the older models of Preethi Zodiac-1 and the Preethi Titanium.

Preethi Zodiac-1 and the Preethi Titanium are food processors with attachments that can slice, grate, knead and make juices. We have full details of these two new Preethi food processors below with best price plus full tech specs, a picture and some demo videos.

There are two models of the latest most advanced Preethi food processors: The Preethi Zodiac and Preethi Titanium. The features and specs of the Preethi Zodiac and Preethi Titanium are basically the same. The Preethi Titanium is the older model and the only difference between Preethi Zodiac and Preethi Titanium models seems to be the color of the base motor cover, the Zodiac model Preethi is black and Preethi Titanium is a silvery grey colour.

Preethi Zodiac features and specs

Preethi Zodiac food processer is a new model which is better than the older Preethi Titanium. Preethi Zodiac food processer has some very useful attachments which makes jobs like cutting onions and making chapatti dough very easy. It also has a juicer attachment which is very useful. The only complaint against the Preethi Zodiac food processer seems to be that it is a bit noisy or loud. Other than this the Preethi Zodiac model seems to be well liked by all who have bought the machine.

The Preethi Zodiac model is also reported to be the first mixer grinder to be ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. ROHS, also known as ‘Directive 2002/95/EC’ of the European Union, restricts the use of Hazardous materials in electrical and electronic products. This mainly means that the plastic materials used in the Preethi Zodiac model mixer grinder is food grade and is not hazardous to human health.

Older Preethi Zodiac food processor
Preethi Zodiac-1 Food Processor

Here is a demo video of Preethi Zodiac features:

Video: Older model Preethi Zodiac demo

Preethi Titanium food processor features and specs

Preethi Titanium can be considered the first food processor machine from Preethi. Preethi Titanium has attachments which makes chapatti dough kneading and cutting onions very easy. Some have complained that the Preethi Titanium makes too much noise when operating, otherwise the operation of the Preethi Titanium seems to be flawless without any problems.

Preethi Titanium Mixer Food Processor
Preethi Titanium Mixer Food Processor

Here is a demo video of Preethi Titanium features:

Video: Preethi Titanium demo

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