FAQ Mixer Grinders & Wet Grinders with Answers

Frequently Asked Questions about Mixer Grinders and Wet Grinders answered

Here we list some the most commonly asked questions about mixer grinders and wet grinders. This page should clear the doubts many have about mixer grinders.

Which brand is best for mixer grinder?

The best brands of mixer grinders in India, in our opinion, are the following (in alphabetical order): Bajaj, Butterfly, Panasonic, Philips, Preethi, Prestige, Ultra. The mixer grinders from these brands are all good. All of them have good service backup. For more info please visit our page on the Best Brand Mixer Grinders in India.

What is the difference between mixer and grinder?

The difference between a mixer and a grinder can be explained as follows: Basically a mixer refers to a blender which can do blending. For example, fruits and sugar with milk to make a milk shake. A Grinder refers to grinding solid ingredients, for example, urad dal and rice to make idli dosa maavu or batter. Other examples of grinding will be making ginger garlic paste and dry grinding masalas like pepper, cardamom, cloves, etc. to make masala powder. An Indian Mixer Grinder has a minimum of two jars, one for blending or the ‘Mixer’ and another smaller ‘Grinder’ jar to do the Grinding work.

What does a mixer grinder do? How does a mixer grinder works?

A mixer grinder works by having very fast rotating blades inside a steel or glass jar. The particles of food or liquids gets rotated at very high speed when the spinning mixer blades hits them. So a mixer is a blender which can finely combine liquids like eggs and milk together or soft fruits like strawberries with milk to make a milk shake. A Grinder does the work of making a paste of solid ingredients like urad dal and rice to make idli dosa batter or say ginger garlic paste.

What is a mixie?

A Mixie is a term associated with the first Indian made Mixer Grinder ‘The Sumeet Mixie’. Most advertisements of the 1970s referred to ‘Sumeet Mixie’ and the term Mixie, ever since, means a mixer grinder.

What is the difference between mixer and blender? Can you use a mixer as a blender?

There is technically no difference between a mixer and a blender. A mixer is an Indian version of what the Americans call a blender.

What is a mixer grinder? What is the use of mixer grinder?

A mixer grinder is an indispensable kitchen gadget to make life easy when doing Indian Cooking. Indian cooking requires ingredients like ginger garlic paste, dry spice powders or paste, idli dosa batter, etc. For the preparation of all these ingredients required in Indian Cooking, an Indian Mixer Grinder is essential.

Which is the best mixer grinder in India 2018? Which kitchen mixer is best? Which mixer grinder is the best to buy in India?

There are many good mixer grinders in India and to single one out as the best mixer grinder will depend on what type of mixer grinder you are looking for. For example, you want the most powerful mixer grinder which will not overheat when grinding thick pastes like idli dosa maavu or batter, then the 1000 Watts Ultra Mixer grinder could be the best choice Indian Mixer grinder. Other options could be the Preethi Zodiac or the Sujata 900 watts mixer grinders. Please visit our page on the top 10 best mixer grinders in India to know more about the best available Indian mixer grinders.

Can mixer grinder be used as juicer?

Yes, a mixer grinder can be used as a juicer. For example, you can put whole fruits like strawberries, grapes, etc. or sliced larger fruits like Mangoes, Apples, etc. in the larger Mixer jar with the addition of a little water, if necessary, and blend it. After the blending the jar contents can be sieved to give a very good fruit juice.

What’s the best grinder?

The best grinder for making idli dosa batter is without doubt a wet grinder as explained on our page {{ wet grinder guide}}

What is Watts in mixer grinder?

The term ‘Watt’ is named after the Scottish engineer Mr. James Watt (1736-1819), who invented the Steam Engine to drive the first Railway Trains. Watt is a unit of power. Power means the rate at which work is done.

Mr. James Watt wanted a way to compare the power of his steam engine with that of a horse widly used in those days for transportation. So he determined that an average work horse cold lift up 550 pounds to a height of 1 feet in one second and he coined the term ‘Horse-Power’ to this unit of power. One Horsepower in the metric system is equivalent to 745 Watts. So just imagine that with a 750 Watt mixer grinder in your kitchen, you are having the power of a horse to do your mixing and grinding!!!

What is the difference between 500w and 750w mixer grinder?

A 750 watts mixer grinder can grind larger loads of idli dosa batter and so the batter making can be completed much faster than in a 500 watt mixer grinder, where the grinding batches will be smaller. The end product will be equally fine. For other jobs like powdering masalas or making ginger garlic paste, there will be no difference in the fineness or time taken. This is because the power required for performing these jobs is very little, say about 100 watts.

How many watts should a mixer have? How many watts is good for mixer grinder?

A 300 to 550 watt mixer grinder is good for every day jobs like blending liquids, powdering masalas and making ginger garlic paste. A more powerful 750 watts mixer grinder is only required for making idli dosa batter. Even a less powerful mixer grinder can make idli dosa batter in smaller batches, which means it will take a longer time.

Who invented mixer grinder?

The inventor of the first Indian Mixie or Mixer Grinder can be attributed to Mr. Satya Prakash. Mr. Satya Prakash made the famous Sumeet Mixer Grinders, the very first Indian made mixer grinders in the 1970’s. See the history of Sumeet Mixer Grinders. The first electric blender was invented 1922 for making Milk Shakes by Mr. Stephen J. Poplawski, a Polish American.

What is a juicer mixer grinder?

A juicer mixer grinder can be of two designs. One has a separate jar with a rotating grater which grates the fruits and extracts the juice from the fruit through a screen with the use of the centrifugal forces generated by the rotating jar. The other design is to have a mesh screen between the normal blender or mixer jar and the body of the jar. the fruit or grated coconut is placed directly over the mixer blade and inside the Mesh screen surrounding the blades. Water is added and the blender switched on to thoroughly mix or blend the fruit or grated coconut with the added water. The extracted juice flows out through the Mesh Screen of the Juicer and can be poured out of the jar without removing the mesh from the juicer. After the juice has been taken out you can remove mesh from juicer together with the remaining pulp. This pulp still has some juice in it which can be hand squeezed out.

How does a wet grinder work?

A wet grinder jar has two parts, on stationary part with rolling grinder stones and a revolving base with a flat round granite stone fixed at the bottom. When the wet grinder is started the base stars to rotate and the rollers roll on the stone base. The top rollers are spring loaded so that the stone rollers press against the bottom flat stone. When the ingredients like urad dal or rice is put in the wet grinder it get run over by the rolling stones and gets crushed repeatedly. When the wet grinder is run for a few minutes, the rice or dal gets converted into a fine paste which is the idli dosa batter or maavu.

Which wet grinder is best?

The best brands for wet grinders in India, in our opinion, are the following (in alphabetical order): Butterfly, Panasonic, Preethi, Prestige and Ultra. Each of these wet grinder makers have different size models available. All of them have good service backup. For more info please visit our page on the Best Wet Mixer Grinders in India.

What is the difference between a food processor and a mixer?

A mixer has only fast rotating blades in the center bottom of the steel or glass jars and can only blend or grind food or liquids. A food processor have several different attachments like slicers to slice onions and vegetables, kneaders to make chapati flour mix, mincers to mince meat, etc. See our page about the different kinds of Mixers.

Which is the best stand mixer to buy?

The KitchenAid are the best stand mixers in the world and is the best stand mixer to buy. For more details visit our page about KitchenAid Stand Mixers.

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